Monshu Messages

The 25th Head Priest OHTANI Kojun

The position of Monshu is taken by the Hongwanji Head Priest. The Jodo Shinshu tradition is transmitted through the Monshu, who leads the entire Buddhist organization as its spiritual leader.

Shinran Shonin’s grandson, Nyoshin, is regarded as the second generation, thus Monshu’s post has since been succeeded by Shinran Shonin’s blood relatives. The present Monshu is the 25th generation, Sennyo Monshu, whose secular name is OHTANI Kojun. As Jodo Shinshu followers, we call him “Gomonshu-sama” with an honorific prefix and suffix.

The retired Monshu is referred to as “Zemmon-sama,” which literally means Monshu Emeritus.

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